Top 5 business ideas for young entrepreneur

Hello Friends, i am going to share Top 5 Most Effective Business Ideas for you, Because Most young and dynamic people want to quit their 9 to 5 job because there is no room to grow, no passion and no moving forward, your 9-5 job only showing an increment 4 to 10% every  year.

These all increments go into your tax payment and inflation. Why are you not taking a step out of it? Why are you stuck in a 9 to 5 rate race? Because you don’t Have business ideas and you are dependent on only a single source of income, and you canā€™t  negotiate with it.

If you want to step out of it, you have  to start a side hustle to build another source of income. if you want to create multiple source of income and build wealth you can Read my latest blog Top 3 ideas to Create multiple source of income.

You  would become your own boss instead of 9 to 5 working for others. That’s why I am sharing the top 5 best business ideas which you can start with a very small amount of investment. These Business ideas will help you to potentially increase your income.

Delivery business

 You already see many delivery business ideas in the market there are lots of delivery companies available like swiggy and zomatos etc but still small shops and small businesses facing lots of problems deliver products to their customers.

Lots of delivery business ideas and startups are available in metro cities to solve this problem like danzo, westart but small towns or cities are still far away from this type of startup, that’s why If you are living in a small town this business ideas can be the golden opportunity for you.

If you want to start your own delivery company which will operate only in your town, that company can grow very fast. The good thing  about this business ideas is that many restaurant companies join with you. Because big companies like Swiggy and Zomato take 15 to 20% commissions from them. This business idea is very simple,

all the shops and restaurants will take orders on phone call and they use your delivery service for delivery and delivery charge will pay the end customer. You can start this business with a small basic investment and one bike or scooter.

2.Rent moveable property

This business Ideas is also growing now Days, You can earn money from your moveable properties like laptop, DSLRS,  PS Gaming system scooter etc. and this way you can earn money from your movable property and generate  passive income, from this business ideas, you will ever been in goa, you have seen, there peoples gives scooters on rent, and earn money from it.

There are lots of startups available in India, for example FLAY ROB you can take dresses from here for rent and you can return it after attending functions and parties. 

3.Voice over

You don’t need to do anything in this business ideas , if you think  you have a firm grip on hindi, english or any regional language, you can earn money online with this business ideas without going anywhere, you just need to buy a microphone , it will cost around 700 to 1000/- rupees. In this business ideas you have provided your voice over service.

Simply You have to read the script  record at your home and Upload it on fiverr.com. You can register there as a wander and sell your audio voice over. Many companies require voice over services, and they are ready to pay a good amount of money.

4. Indoor plants selling 

Indoor plants business ideas is growing nowadays, because everybody wants to keep some indoor plants in their own house. There are many benefits of indoor plants, it helps to improve oxygen level, it also gives a nice look to your house.

Best part of this business ideas is that, joint e-commerce companies like flipkart or amazon or others have no one involved in live indoor plant selling  business that’s why this business is also very low competition. 

If you are planning to sell indoor plants in your local area you can grow very fastly and also generate very good revenue. You can also sell multiple products with plants like decorative flower pots, gardening tools, khad etc.

5.Digital marketing & promotion 

You have seen many businesses & my business ideas still using traditional ways of business marketing and promotion. They use newspapers, flex boards , pamphlets etc for marketing. But now time has changed. If you want to grow your business and establish your brand you have come on a digital platform. in this business ideas You just need to find your clients who want to build an online presence, you can  advertise their brand on whatsapp, facebook, instagram and other social media platforms, it will definitely help to grow their businesses. You can also start your own digital marketing agencies. Best part of this business is that you can do digital  marketing for both  online & offline Clint.

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This is the top 5 best business ideas in 2022, it will help you to create active income as well as passive income. If you want to protect your family and give them a good financially independent life you can’t negotiate with multiple sources of income. If you want to read more blog like this you can visit our website optimum idea

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