Top 5 Best legit Ways to Make Money Online

Today, Everyone is looking for how to Make money online.but it is not easy to find right path to Make money online, we all know internet is boon for us, and it makes our life easy and plays important role in our life, but someĀ  people using this internet for scam,Ā  that’s why Make money online is not easy.

The internet has many fake agencies, scams, and frauds and We have to take every step cautiously.

If you want to Make money online, I am going to give you a step by step process that you need to follow if you want to actually Earn money. These sources it’s going to be in depth. It’s going to be a little bit longer blog but I hope that you will Make money online

Before we start, I want to tell you honestly this blog is not about a typical full time or part time online job like data entry, travel agent, or online tutor. this about how you can build an online passive income source and Make money online. 

The definition of passive income 

Make money online is a part Passive income, Passive income is a way for you to make in which first of all you build the product and then you can sell it multiple times without you having to do the same amount of work every single time. That’s what passive income is all about. Always remember passive income is not about you having to do not do any work.its about building out a system they can pay out even if you are not working on it, that’s what passive income is all about.

Now Let’s talk about top 5 legit ways to make money online, it will help you to create multiple online passive income sources. 

1.Selling ebooks online 

Selling Ebooks is one of best source of make money money online. Now Let’s Learn How do you start with this process? & make money online t is very easy at first to think about an idea that you want to share with the world, just write on google doc exactly what you want to share with the world, but once you are done the next step is to publish.

The best way to publish your ebooks is with the help of amazon, amazon service called kindle direct publishing. kindle will Help you to make money online, you have to just understand the process.

The process is very simple, upload your doc file on amazon kindle direct publishing once you made your account then you create a cover page for it. When it is approved it is available on the amazon platform which is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms out there in the world. this is the legit way of make money online and It is completely free and does not charge any money. You can upload your ebook people’s will in e book format paperback format.you get to keep 50% and whatever amazon makes from the ebooksĀ 

2. Creating and selling you design template 

This could be Canva, Canva is one time purchase so you can create a template for people to download for people to use and you can upload it on whatever platform that you want & make money online, if you are good at design or make something beautiful use that and make the actual template.

You can upload and sell this digital product on it on fiverr, redbubble company, etsy, gumroad etc, and earn Make money Online.

3. Google Adsense

If you are good at writing, or you are good at creating videos, google Adsense program can be one of the best source of make money online. it allows you to run advertisements on your websites blog or youtube videos and you will get paid and Earn money online when visitors click on them. once you get it searched once you get it ranked on google searched or youtube search particularly it will keep getting that sweet ad revenue. 

4. Uploading your pictures or your videos 

You can Make money online with the help of uploading your picture or your videos on a stock footage platform so once you think that you have a great camera or you have a great phone, you can make money online with it, you can record some really nice shorts that really enjoy photography you enjoy recording, you can actually upload on these platforms, people actually buy it,. and it can be grate source of make money online. 

stock footage or video platform sites have not available of more photos or videos so this is your to create more stock footage, graphics, icon, videos, it is that you can sell platform like envato, you can sell it on theme forest and there are tones of marketplaces out there for you to sell this things and make money online.

5.affiliate marketing 

Affiliate marketing is also on of best way to make money is now this is a broad AF field, you can do affiliate marketing in so many different ways,Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting another companyā€™s products or services.Affiliate marketers receive a commission for driving their high-volume site or social media traffic to the product pages of the brands they work with.

As an example just Let’s say you upload a funny dog video shorts on youtube and with that in the description you can put out the links. Let’s just say some product that people can click on. I

am not saying this is the best way to make money online or passive income, but there is a possibility that you can make money with the help of affiliate marketing. What do you do if you go one click bank.com sign in and become an affiliate. Try to find a product which has great reviews as well as high commission for you.there are tons of products which make money with the help of affiliate marketing.


This is the blog about how you can make money online and create multiple sources of income. This blog for everyone, doesn’t matter what your age is,  you just need to do a little bit of hard work. It will definitely give you great results. If you want to Read More Blogs like this Please Click Here

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